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Created04.05.2020 20:31

Chad Bordwell (Cursethedawn) 04.05.2020 20:31
Hi Everyone,
I'm not new to map making, been using Unreal and others for some time. However I recently dove into the Giants editor it's a bit different. I've been trying to learn by editing an existing map, seeing how it's setup. I've looked at the tutorials but I'm not seeing the answers. Here are a few things that I'm stuck on.

1. The foliage on the map seems to be on a different layer. Raising and lowering the terrain does not change the existing grass and weeds. Neither does editing the texture, it just makes concrete with grass. I'm a bit lost where I change that. The foliage editor doesn't seem to affect it.

2. The map loading preview. I see a png being referenced but I see a dds. How do I change this?

3. I see many maps with hot air balloons drifting around. I assume like traffic and pedestrians they are following a spline but where the heck are they? I don't them them in game or on mod pages. Any ideas?

Thanks for the help. I feel they might be stupid questions but I need to start somewhere


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.05.2020 22:25
1. Due to performance reasons the foliage doesn't follow immediately a terrain leveling. Jump to another region of the map and back again. Then it should be refreshed. You can also try the PLAY button.
A terrain texturing doesn't erase the foliage automatically. You must do this manually.

2. In most cases PNG is as well accepted as DDT. But DDT is much faster. Use PNG if something is still in work and DDT for the final version.
Also if a filename has PNG suffix, the DDT is taken (if present).

3. These have also splines, not in the traffic section but elsewhere as standalone splines.

Chad Bordwell (Cursethedawn) 04.05.2020 23:35
Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it. I'll give it a shot.

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