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Created09.05.2020 04:07

Andrew Berger (DaBerger) 09.05.2020 04:07
Trying to Add Honk configurations to a tractor. Followed the XML file from a Fendt 1000 that has the honk configuration and was able to sucessfully add it into the store. Once loaded into the game though, I can not get the horn sounds to change just like i can with the Fendt 1000. All that plays for the horn is the standard base horn that is coded into the XML file. I can not get any of the horns from the Honk Configurations in the xml to load in. Any ideas? Thank you.

Lorenzos (lorenzoita) 09.05.2020 08:38
HonkConfigurations is not a default configuration.
In order to get it works you need the "AddConfig.lua" script by Ifko[nator] which permit you to create and add new configurations.

Andrew Berger (DaBerger) 09.05.2020 19:21
Yes I have added the same AddConfig.lua from the Fendt 1000 that I am using as a comparison machine to the folder for the tractor that I am modding. The honk configuration shows up in the store but does not change the honk sounds like it does on the Fendt 1000. That's my issue. I have also verified no xml issues via an xml validation website. And sound files are already in a .ogg format. Even with the stock game horns, I still can't get them to change.

Lorenzos (lorenzoita) 09.05.2020 20:12
Stupid question, do you have a vehicle configuration?

Andrew Berger (DaBerger) 10.05.2020 03:21
There is not any vehicle configurations in the XML file.

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