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Created09.05.2020 15:34

Benoit Renard (Unknown) 09.05.2020 15:34
Hello !
I've got some issu with my Terex TL80 (or any telescopic) because I'm using the CSZ Logs Double Forks. I can't use the telescopic arm because the fork use the input control for another function.

Here's the xml code I've found in the double forks xml:

<movingTool node="0>5|0|0" playSound="true">
<controls axis="AXIS_FRONTLOADER_TOOL2" invertAxis="true" mouseSpeedFactor="0.5" iconName="TOOL_OPEN_CLOSE"/>
<translation translationAxis="1" transSpeed="1" transAcceleration="1" transMax="1.05" transMin="0"/>
<dependentMovingTool node="0>5|0|1" speedScale="-1"/>
<movingTool node="0>5|0|1" playSound="true">
<translation translationAxis="1" transSpeed="1" transAcceleration="1" transMax="0" transMin="-1.05"/>
<movingTool node="0>5|6" playSound="true">
<controls axis="AXIS_FRONTLOADER_ARM2" invertAxis="true" mouseSpeedFactor="1" iconName="TOOL_OPEN_CLOSE"/>
<componentJoint index="1" anchorActor="0"/>
<rotation rotSpeed="100" rotAcceleration="250" rotMax="40" rotMin="-90"/>
<movingPart node="0>5|2" referencePoint="1>7" referenceFrame="1>7" limitedAxis="1" isActiveDirty="true"/>
<movingPart node="0>5|1|0" referencePoint="0>5|2|0" referenceFrame="0>5|2" limitedAxis="1" isActiveDirty="true">
<translatingPart node="0>5|1|0|0"/>
<hydraulic template="DEFAULT_HYDRAULIC_SOUND" linkNode="CSZ_component1"/>
<logGrab jointNode="CSZ_component1" jointRoot="CSZ_component1">
<trigger node="0>5|5"/>
<grab componentJoint="1" axis="3" rotationOffsetThreshold="10" rotationOffsetTime="1000"/>

I think I've to modiify the input axis but I don't find a list anywhere.
Can someone tell me what I've to replace in this XML to have my teleloader's arm moving pls?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.05.2020 22:47
Look into your "inputBinding.xml" (usually in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2019).
There you can also see which keys or input device functions are allocated.
The entries "<actionBinding action=.." assign all possible standard actions.
I'd suggest to use something of the AXIS_FRONTLOADER_TOOL.. actions.

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