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husbandry in a map

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Created12.05.2020 12:13

Flemming Holmelund (Berdin) 12.05.2020 12:13
Hi - I hav seen ShyWizard video about husbandry in a map, (Thanks to him) and I have make it, But it dossen work.
I have ekport my husbrandry to maps/placeables/cow/ as a husbrandryCowLarge.i3D file.
I have copy file husbrandryCowLarge.xml to the folder. and change <filename>maps/placeables/cowl/husbandryCowLarge.i3d</filename>
And in my defaultItems I have type

<item className="AnimalHusbandry" filename="maps/placeables/cow/husbandryCowLarge.xml" position="50 20 50" rotation="0 90 0" defaultFarmProperty="true" farmId="1">
<animatedObject time="0.000000" direction="0"/>
<module name="foodSpillage" fillCapacity="0.000000" cleanlinessFactor="0.000000" foodToDrop="0.000000"/>
<module name="straw" fillCapacity="0.000000">
<fillLevel fillType="STRAW" fillLevel="0.000000"/>
<module name="milk" fillCapacity="0.000000">
<fillLevel fillType="MILK" fillLevel="0.000000"/>
<module name="manure" fillCapacity="0.000000" manureToDrop="0.000000" manureToRemove="0.000000"/>
<module name="animals" fillCapacity="0.000000"/>
<module name="liquidManure" fillCapacity="0.000000">
<fillLevel fillType="LIQUIDMANURE" fillLevel="0.000000"/>
<module name="water" fillCapacity="0.000000">
<fillLevel fillType="WATER" fillLevel="0.000000"/>
<module name="food" fillCapacity="0.000000">
<fillLevel fillType="GRASS_WINDROW" fillLevel="0.000000"/>
<fillLevel fillType="SILAGE" fillLevel="0.000000"/>
<fillLevel fillType="DRYGRASS_WINDROW" fillLevel="0.000000"/>
<fillLevel fillType="FORAGE" fillLevel="0.000000"/>

But I dossen work - if I take Sessons whith It works but not without.
If I tpye $moddirHofmannsgave/maps/placeables/cow/husbrandryCowLarge.xml I workss but only with sessons.
What am I doing wrong?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.05.2020 16:21
Sorry, no clairvoyants here - and for what do you think I've posted already in your previous thread the hint to the log file?

Flemming Holmelund (Berdin) 12.05.2020 16:58
Yes I know about the log file, but what I do wrong to make a husbrandy to be permanent in a map, so it's mod til the map -
is there anyting i can do - or right in modDesc to make it works? (Sorry i am not god to english)

Flemming Holmelund (Berdin) 15.05.2020 16:38
I have solved it.
in modDesc


<storeItem xmlFilename="maps/placeables/cow/husbandryCowLarge.xml"/>

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