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maxDelta for fillVolumes, what does it do?

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Created12.05.2020 21:52

Unknown 12.05.2020 21:52
I am tweaking a fillVolume, I know what maxAllowedHeapAngle does and what will happen if I change the value. But now I'm wondering about maxDelta and what it does. I tried changing the value but don't see much difference. Maybe more ribbles in the surface of the fillVolume, but not sure. I also see the value is mostly unchanged across basegame vehicles and mods, most often it is around 0.3. So out of curiosity, what does this actually do? Anybody know this?
I tried looking in the LUADOC but I don't understand LUA code so wasn't able to figure it out from there.

Max Mustermann (kirres3) 28.09.2020 20:38
Do you still don't know it, because i want to know it as well? I would love to hear from you. :)

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