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Components and their behaviour

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Created16.05.2020 16:06

Draco Mancer (Unknown) 16.05.2020 16:06
Hello, i made a sower which i wanted to be ralistic, like some parts of it are separate components and they are moving.

It came out as a complex one, cause even the subcomponents have subcomponents.

My problem is that I don't really know what specifications do I have to give for the components to prevent them from shaking, rotating more than I've set in the xml, but the most annoying thing is when I work with it, the componenets aren't fixed to their rootjoints, like they are moving around it, not strongly attached to it.

I have already examined lots of in-game vehicles with subcomponents, but they don't shake and are fixed to their joint component and I can't see differences between their and my sower's xml, only the mass of them are different.
Can someone please tell me what should I change, and what is the main reason for those kind of behaviours, what do I have to pay attention on? I tried lots of combinations.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.05.2020 02:04
The <components> <joint> tag offers many additional attributes to define the behaviour.
For a complete overview see
You don't need understanding LUA, simply search for the attribute names after key.."#
The name makes the meaning quite easy to understand.

For reference values search this attributes in the default vehicles.

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