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Created21.05.2020 04:52

Zachary F (Thumpit) 21.05.2020 04:52
2 questions here:

#1- I have a couple models made, texture unwrapped, and exported to .i3d. What do I do next to get it in game for testing. I'm sure I have the .xml files proper, but nothing is showing up in game so I cannot test my mod and make sure the scale is correct before I move much farther foward with the mod.

#2- I also want to add functionality to raise and lower a platform using the same type of action as you would when operating your 3-point hitch. Left click, move mouse, have object raise/lower accordingly. Can anyone help me with this?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.05.2020 07:34
1. The textures must be installed within the 3D editor. The GE cannot handle this from scratch.

2. There are plenty of examples in the default vehicles and tools. Take a suitable similar one as template and adapt your model accordingly.

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