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Dashboards "Valuetype" FULL LIST?

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Created28.05.2020 18:16

Dominik C (acert) 28.05.2020 18:16

is there a full List of all availabe Valuetypes for the Vehicle Dashboards?

<dashboard displayType="NUMBER" valueType="operatingTime" numbers="numbersOperatingTime" numberColor="SHARED_GREY1" precision="1" groups="MOTOR_ACTIVE" />

I want to bring a "Display" or indoor Hud to my tractor that shows me the fill-level of a trailer connected to my tractor.
Is there a ValueType "TrailerFillLevel" availabe?

Thank you!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.05.2020 02:08
For a list of used valueTypes simply search in default files.
In Notepad++ do a "search in files", search for "valueType=", filter "*.xml", folder "{FSgame}\data\vehicles".
You should get 1192 hits.

Eg. in the caseIH/optum is used
<dashboard displayType="ANIMATION" valueType="fillLevel" ..

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