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Grass Not Swathing on Ground Issue

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Created31.05.2020 10:50

Rob Peters (Unknown) 31.05.2020 10:50
I converted an FS17 Map to FS19 a long while back. Everything was working fine, with seasons and without seasons, however lately wherever the original 17 map had water, or train tracks, grass will not swath or drop on the ground. In my map, there is no white mask for seasons or white mask for tip col in any of the problem areas, that should prevent grass from swathing. Grass, snow etc, fall where they should and don't fall where they shouldn't in every other section of my map except these areas. What is the issue, and how do I fix this issue please?

Rob Peters (Unknown) 08.06.2020 09:23
The map in question was originally the Michigan map, and anywhere that the creator had put farmland 63 (unbuyable land) grass and such will not drop, eventhough I changed the land to other numbers (now purchased land) and removed any tip col or season mask, it still won't drop.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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