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adding gas station and bunker silo

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Created14.06.2020 18:23

Aidan Keane (Unknown) 14.06.2020 18:23
im trying my hand at making a flat map but when i add a gas station or bunker silo it dosnt work ive added the translate x y and z to map items .. when i check game log it gives me this error .. any 1 able help me with this please

2020-06-14 17:17 Error: Failed to open xml file 'placeables/New/gasStation/gasStation01.xml'.
2020-06-14 17:17 Warning: corrupt savegame, item 2 with className BuyingStationPlaceable could not be loaded
2020-06-14 17:17 Error: Failed to open xml file 'placeables/New/FS19_bunkerSiloSet/bunkerSiloDouble.xml'.
2020-06-14 17:17 Warning: corrupt savegame, item 2 with className BunkerSiloPlaceable could not be loaded

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.06.2020 19:11
What help do you need furtheron?
The error messages "Failed to open xml file .." should be sufficient. Either the files are missing or have wrong path or are somehow faulty.

Aidan Keane (Unknown) 14.06.2020 21:22
see im new to this so dont fully understand it but ive got my blank map and in it there is a file called placeables and in that is a file called new with all my buildings in it so in default items i have the line like below

<item mapBoundId="gasStation01" className="BuyingStationPlaceable" filename="placeables/New/gasStation/gasStation01.xml" position="-457.711 102.577 403.933" rotation="0 90 0" />

ive now got this error
Error: Corrupt savegame, item 0 has invalid className 'gasStation01'

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.06.2020 22:32
In this style the file cannot be found. In the defaultItems.xml you must write
<item ... filename="$mapdir$/placeables/..."

Beneath, if you make major changes in game files, you must start a new game/career. In an old savegame the changes don't become effective or you get these errors like "corrupt savegame".

Aidan Keane (Unknown) 14.06.2020 23:37
ok thank you kindly for your response ill try it now and see how i go

so ive it set to this now
<item mapBoundId="gasStation01" className="BuyingStationPlaceable" filename="$mapdir$/placeables/New/gasStation/gasStation01.xml" position="-457.711 102.577 403.933" rotation="0 90 0" /> but still dont get option to refil now im doing something wrong or missing something as this is a line out of greenwich items file

<item mapBoundId="gasStation01" className="BuyingStationPlaceable" filename="$mapdir$/maps/placeables/gasStation/gasStation01.xml" position="409.901 58.289 320.431" rotation="0 47.307 0" />
only difference i see is i dond have my models in a maps folder like he does

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.06.2020 01:07
You MUST specify the exact path to the really existing object.xml, beginning from "$mapdir$" which is the root folder of your map, where also the modDesc.xml is located.

Sorry to say - but if you don't have a clue from defining filepath descriptions, you should learn some basics about your OS at first.

Aidan Keane (Unknown) 15.06.2020 16:02
got it to work i had a word word in xml of item but tour help helped me to locate my error

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