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How to stop the collision on a header drawbar?

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Created15.06.2020 01:38

Tim Slane (Slimtane) 15.06.2020 01:38
I've downloaded the Restselmash KSU-1 Swather ( and it is great. However, on the header for the mower, there is some type of collision with the drawbar. Once the drawbar & wheels are folded for use (using the x key) the drawbar becomes invisible, but there is a collision between the drawbar and the front left wheel of the KSU. The invisible brawbar is acting as a wheel chalk and stopping the KSU from moving forward. Does anyone know the line of code I can change/add to make the drawbar fully disappear once folded?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.06.2020 09:31
Perhaps use the <objectChange> method like eg. in bredal/k105 section <foldable>.

On the other hand you should inform the mod author, so he can fix the troublemaker.

Tim Slane (Slimtane) 16.06.2020 05:39
Notified the author/s. So I could not get the <objectchange> to work. However, I discovered that the header is just a modified version of the Rostselmash RSMDS900 header (Stock in-game). So - I simple copied the bulk of the stock XML file code into the new header. Somewhere in there, a line of code fixed the drawbar issue - Problem solved.

Mikael Strand (mikaelbs) 19.09.2020 16:42
Tim Slane are you able to share the XML file? I can't seem to figure out what's wrong :(

Mikael Strand (mikaelbs) 19.09.2020 17:04

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