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4x Map Stuttering

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Created16.06.2020 15:24

Lewis Mccauley (xiTango) 16.06.2020 15:24
I have noticed that when playing on my 4x map, there is a small amount of stuttering when mowing grass.

I have tried several different things to fix this, and have come to the conclusion it is caused by the terrain weight files being 4096x4096, as the stuttering is gone when i change them to 2048x2048, however this loses a lot of detail.

Is there any other way to fix this stuttering?

Unknown 19.06.2020 19:00
Stuttering = framerate drop = overloading graphics card AKA you're asking too much of your hardware. You probably have hardware that can't cope with 4x maps.

Stephen Wellburn (reef75) 21.06.2020 14:39
Sorry but that's not true. I have a i9700 with 2080 super graphics card and I get stutters on many 4x maps with any kind of fieldwork. From what I have read around the forums it seems it occurs on maps brought over from fs17 that have not had the density map done correctly. Don't ask me what that means as I don't make maps. There are some 4x maps that run without stutters and some of these have much more detailed/dense scenery.

David Almeida (dave95979) 13.07.2020 19:05
i cant even get any map to run smooth they used to but not any more nothing has changed hardwere wize i think i will give up on fs19 and waight till the next one comes out

Ola Haldor Solvik Voll (OlaHaldor) 29.07.2020 22:01
Lewis, did you check the log? Does it say anything during load of the map?

Timo Hmann (timohmann) 06.08.2020 23:36
The giants engine cant handle 4xmaps. Some normal maps are stuttering too. The giants engine is made for hardware from 2010.

Unknown 18.08.2020 19:03
ls unterbruch

Unknown 18.08.2020 19:04
ls unterbruch

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