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Created19.06.2020 21:23

Unknown 19.06.2020 21:23
Hi, so for a mod I made and published on the ModHub, some users have had an issue where the game freezes or the vehicle flies into the air.
This is my mod:

It is a trailer with a couple of configurations, with one of the configurations being a non-fillable version. When you customise a fillable version into the non-fillable version, the log starts filling with this error and the game freezes (or things start flying into the air on console). This only happens if you have filled and emptied the trailer before customising to the non-fillable version.

2020-06-19 20:54 Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
2020-06-19 20:54 dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/Dischargeable.lua(706) : attempt to compare number with nil

Anybody has an idea what is happening here? This is the only error in the log, rest of the log is clean.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.06.2020 12:18
Altering vehicleType by configuration may lead to problems.
Easiest way would be probably if you create also for the non-fillable version a fillUnit - just as dummy only.

Unknown 25.06.2020 22:31
Thanks for the reply! I had a fillUnit dummy, but one of the fillUnitConfigurations had two fillUnits. I also made two tipsides, one for each unit. But they weren't in a configuration, they were applied globally. I changed this so that the tipsides also changed so the configurations with one fillUnit only had one tipside. Basicly, when you changed configuration you changed to a fillUnit that wasn't linked to the second tipside and dischargenode, and so also no discharge state on that tipside. So the game tried to compare the discharge state of that tipside in the previous configuration, with the new non-existing dischargeNode/tipside.
Bit of a messy explanation, hope you understand what I'm saying.

It's fixed though!

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