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Wrong output in the Foliage channel

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Created23.06.2020 20:16

Erik Bengtsson (Ekan79) 23.06.2020 20:16
Plowing is channel 2 in the foliage channels right, but when I plow it looks like fine cultivating. Im guessing someone change that on the map im playing on. So my question is, how to I change that back?So when I plow it looks like plowed in the field. Ive tried to find some code in any xml or even in the i3d but cnat figure it out. Anybody knows how this can be change?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.06.2020 08:07
Case you own the FS on DVD, there's in folder sdk the file "densityMaps.txt".
----- short extract "Ground Detail Density Layout" -----
0-2: Ground state
000: Nothing
100: Cultivated
010: Ploughed

Karyn Mcdonough (Unknown) 24.06.2020 19:35
Which implement are you using to plow? Some will plow and then cultivate.

Erik Bengtsson (Ekan79) 27.06.2020 18:23
No I own steam edition. So, how do I find that file on steam? is it in a grle file? Weird is, I cant find anything that change the ground setting on the map im on. No xml, nothing.

Also, how do I change the collour of the ground? Some of the grounds are way to dark.

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