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Created06.07.2020 21:46

Rick Van Ittersum (rickvi1) 06.07.2020 21:46

Take for example the default I3D file of the Fendt Vario 700. There is that fendt_vis object, which is basically the whole 3d model.
Is there a way to take it apart and remove for example the front fenders?
In fact they are already somehow separate, as they can rotate of course.


Jonas A. L. Andersen (StjerneIdioten) 12.07.2020 11:01
You would have to convert the object back into a format that eg. Blender or Maya can read, such as obj. Then remove the front fenders and reexport. Then setup the whole vehicle again, since references have now changed. It would be a lot of work just to remove fenders :P

With regards to them already being "separate". It is probably using a merge group or something, which means that it is one mesh, but some of the vertices are tied to follow the movement of a transformgroup.

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