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trying to get started with learning to mod...... but wondering if what i'm wanting to do can even be done

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Created07.07.2020 04:16

Jared Thompson (Unknown) 07.07.2020 04:16
ok so to start this off just so y'all know have absolutely no kinda modding modeling or scripting experience.. Might as well say I'm mostly computer illiterate other then playing some games and the using the web. So here goes...….. I have the seasons mod and recently got the Sandy Bay( I Think that's the right one). Anyway the seasons mod and the way it handles animal husbandry and the other mod has calves in it... Is there possibly a way to even without using seasons that when it shows next animal born in blah blah hours instead of having a full grown cow you would get the calf and it would take so long before it showed up like a full frown animal you know a little closer to how thing would naturally work? have the option that say if you left the calf in that pen it's mother wouldn't produce milk but instead feed the calf for so long then it switches to consuming only grass or hay after a certain point , or you could pull the calf and separate it and you would have to give it the milk or "milk replacer" to a certain point then just as said before switches to only consuming grass and hay for so long till it matures? also is it possible to put bulls in the game for a realistic idea? just like with the rooster in game now? gotta have the rooster to get more cows should be the same way. you should either actually have to choose to have them AI'd or have to keep a bull? which also leads me to one last one...… could you 50/50 the chance of getting a heifer or bull? sorry for all of this probably making your eyes hurt but this is what i'm wanting to do even if it never becomes an actual official mod would be nice to have the added realism for myself that's what im after just really wondering if what im wanting to do can even be done if its even within the limits of what all this modding, scripiting , and evn the game it's self. just not looking to dive into even trying to learn all of it if its something not even possible...… thank you in advance for any responses and thank you for taking the time to read this

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