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dischargeable-animation XML Syntax

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Created08.07.2020 01:58

Hans Wurst (blck0hawk) 08.07.2020 01:58
Hi, i`m searching for the correct syntax to write some animation in the dischargable area in the mod.xml !
Any search for syntaxes via Google or the Forums gets my to Lua and i don`t want to make a Lua cause i dont have any idea about this language but xml is quite easier for me.

my syntax is made like this so far...
<dischargeable requiresTipOcclusionArea="false">
<dischargeNode node="fillVolumeDischargeNode" emptySpeed="250" fillUnitIndex="1" stopDischargeOnEmpty="true">
<raycast node="tipRaycastNode" maxDistance="25"/>
<info width="0.2" length="0.2" useRaycastHitPosition="true"/>
<effectNode effectNode="unloadingPS" materialType="smoke" materialTypeId="1" fadeTime="0.5"/>

the Animation part inside the <animations> is look like this:

<animation name="unloading">
<part node="wormShaft_pipe" rotSpeed="500" rotAxis="2" turnOnFadeTime="2" turnOffFadeTime="2"/>
<part node="wormShaft_bunker" rotSpeed="500" rotAxis="2" turnOnFadeTime="2" turnOffFadeTime="2"/>

Now i`m searching for the syntax which connects these two. Something like

<animationNode node="unloading"/>

or maybe i can write it directly into the <effects> like this:

<effectNode effectClass"animation" effectNode="unloading" />


<effectNode effectClass"animation" effectNode="wormShaft_pipe" rotSpeed="500" rotAxis="2" />

i hope i can get some Help

Unknown 12.07.2020 21:56
Look at a basegame trailer xml! If I recall correctly the animation is linked through the <trailer> tag that sets the tipside.

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