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Custom images to bright at night ?

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Created09.07.2020 02:01

Ajfarmer (AJFARMER) 09.07.2020 02:01
Im working on my map "Griffin Indiana 19" which will be released very soon on Giants ModHub and I have custom images that I use for signs and distant terrain. They are in .dds format. However at night the images are to bright at night. Whatever controls the darkness shader does not dim the images Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ajFarmer

Ajfarmer (AJFARMER) 09.07.2020 03:05
Found out the problem and fix
1. Export image "shape"
2. Open with text editor
3. Change the materials line

from <Emissivemap fileId="1"/>
to <Texture fileId="1"/>

I think I imported FS17 "Anysign Any Shape" to make signs and that was the problem .

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