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Problem with useForFieldJob

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Created14.07.2020 17:16

Marc Miller (MarcIceBlade) 14.07.2020 17:16
I have recently added a new crop to a map, ever since I did that though, the ai Farmers do seed Poplar, Grass and Sugarcane on their fields, which I want to disable.
I checked the Fruittypes.xml and I have set "useForFieldJob" to false, yet the AI still seeds it.
Is there anything else I need to change or what else could lead to this problem?
Thank you in advance.

Shawn E Carter (ShawnDaGeek) 24.09.2020 21:28
I am having same issue disabling potatos and sugarbeets with :
<fruitType name="sugarBeet" shownOnMap="true" useForFieldJob="false">

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