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Created16.07.2020 18:45

Torben Schaefer (EoSLP) 16.07.2020 18:45
Hey guys,

I have some problems with Hydraulics. It's my first time, that I am doing this. Whats needed in the i3d exept the cylinder and the pipe and how do i set them in the xml?

Hope someone can help me

with best regards


Gabor Pasti (pastig) 16.07.2020 21:37
Hello! I have the same question! How can I use the "movingparts" and "cylindered" commands? I have an adapter with "telehandler" attacherjoint type, and this adapter has a hydraulic pipe. This pipe should be movable, when I lift and low the adapter. I wish I could attach a photo :)
Can somebody help us in this theme?

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