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Created17.07.2020 10:31

Flemming Holmelund (Berdin) 17.07.2020 10:31
I can't get my traffic system to work - I have made this video - can anyone help me.

Th. Birrer (Ralf08) 17.07.2020 20:47
Check the original splines, they are not closed. Bring the start and end point close together, but do not press "O" to close them.

Flemming Holmelund (Berdin) 18.07.2020 08:24
I have try that - and there is still no traffic . in log fille said :
Error: Traffic system road spline 'trafficLoop01' dead-end found at -44.564308 0.442253

Th. Birrer (Ralf08) 25.07.2020 13:33
Tray the tutorial from Giants and create a complete new traffic system. I only would bring the points closer together as in the video, so about 0.01m
As I remember me, with the button "S" you can bring the end point on the same location as the start point. But do not close it with the button "O".

Maybe there is another spline, which ends in the original spline, you deleted all the points. it's not required, that the end point is close to the start point of the same spline, you can have multiple spines connected together to one big traffic system.

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