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Created21.07.2020 08:10

Pujol Ghislain (Ghislain) 21.07.2020 08:10

I am working on a superb B trailer with two auger wagons.
Each wagon is divided into two compartments.
Everything works correctly except that I can t load the front part of the wagon. When I go below the pipe the option “press R” is not displayer.
But it works for the Back compartment.
Any idea please, is it due to the position of the exactfillrootnode vs fillautoaimtarget nodes?
Is it a problem of position of these nodes?
What are the rules to define these nodes, I don’t understand the difference between them and how they work?

Thank you

Unknown 04.08.2020 12:59
I can't really answer your question as I don't fully understand what these nodes do. But there is a semi trailer in the basegame that has two compartments. Maybe take a look at how it is done there!

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