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Field texture acting strange

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Created12.08.2020 19:55

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 12.08.2020 19:55
Hi guy`s. I need som help, I`m stuck! The problem is the field texture. in the Editor I have removed the potato field texture and under it was the base texture (mix of green and sand, this is all over the map) I placed some buildings on the field. After this I saved the work, ziped it and the map work fine. But the potato field texture is there in the game anyway. Everytime in the different mods I startet a new game and new save folder. I did not save the game and tried. I did not own this field before I start to edit. This is a moded ravenport map but I want to change it a little for my self. I have not edit any files that belongs to the map. I have seen many videos but non of them explain this problem. How can I fix this? The only way I see I can fix this is by paint it in ingame. But I rather do it in the editor. Can anyone help please. Thank you.

I know this maby wrong to ask but is it hard work to add pedistrian in the game?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.08.2020 21:19
Also if you 'paint' new texture in GE, the defined field positions and sizes remain until you edit these. See tutorials how to handle field dimensions.

In the tutorials you'll also learn howto add new splines for vehicles or pedestrians.

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 13.08.2020 00:33
I fixed it, and verry easy too. I was building on two fields, and those fields I had problem with. field 21 and 22. I just deleted those from the list and now everything working great :) So if someone is planning on building something on fields, just delete them from the list and save.

Bilbo: thank you for your advice.

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