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Created13.08.2020 06:02

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 13.08.2020 06:02
Hi again guy`s. I need some help again. I`m trying to add pedistrian to my map. I have copyed the xlm file and the sounds from ravenport map. I also made a new spline, gave it the right name and it worked and the pedistrian walked the course but then they stoped at the start and the end line and just stood there. The start and end are close. I have found a new xml file and this time I will have it on the root of the maps folder. it goes like this in the user attributes. $data/maps/mapUS_pedestrianSystem. What does the $data means? and how do I change to the right adress? I guessed it was like this maps/mapUS_pedestrianSystem but it did not worked. I also tried /maps/mapUS_pedestrianSystem, did not worked ether.

Thank you for all help.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.08.2020 09:29
The placeholder $data points to the folder {FS install folder}/data

For pedestrian splines you are reliant on the default $data files, unluckily it doesn't work with custom files (bug).

But for vehicle splines (traffic vehicles, trains) you can use your own file "myTrafficSystem.xml". Then the spline user attribute 'xmlFile' must point to this file.

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 13.08.2020 10:33
Ah. Now I understand, that`s why I could not find any xml file on the moded map, not even a data folder, becaouse everything is in the install folder of the game. Thank you so much Bilbo for the help. Now I only need to find out why the pedestrian stops on the start and end. They don`t loop. Maybe the route is to short or something. But anyway, thank you once again Bilbo.

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