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Created17.08.2020 22:31

Matthew Hornoi (TheMaximumMatt) 17.08.2020 22:31
I have been having issues adding prefabs into any tractor i try and modify.

I am trying to add terminals to some of the Ikonik Bid Bud tractors and every time i do, it pops out this error

Warning (G:/Game Mods/Farming Simulator 19/Mods/FS19_MattsBigBudPack/XML/450.xml): I3D file offers '15' objects, but '2' components have been loaded!

The error is right that i have 15 objects in the tractor, but none of them show up in game.

Any fix?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.08.2020 01:32
You must not add accessories directly in the root transform tree, but somewhere as child.
In the root tree it counts as component, which has to be linked in the xml.

After you have imported an object, move it (cut and paste) into a suitable subtransform.

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