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Reverse camera on a cockpit screen

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Created26.08.2020 13:52

Tomas Kralicek (Firecrest) 26.08.2020 13:52
Hi, I'm investigating if it is possible to do a reverse camera projected to a 3D plane in a cockpit. Basically do a render-to-texture from some camera and put this texture to some dedicated shape in the 3D cockpit (no overlay). I mean something like this:

I was thinking about modifying mirror shader but I don't see a a way how to do it. Do you think that this is possible to do in the current engine? If yes, then how do you think this can be done?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.08.2020 23:32
There are several mods around. Look for "rear view camera" or "reverse camera".

Tomas Kralicek (Firecrest) 27.08.2020 09:30
Can you be more specific please? I was trying to find something before but everything I found was using overlay GUI.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.08.2020 00:59
What does a mirror? It reflects light. So forget about mirror shaders. These do merely some kind of raytracing.

If you want something like camera, you need an additional viewport. This can be inserted by several ways into the main display. See related mods.

Tomas Kralicek (Firecrest) 28.08.2020 13:15
I understand you but I'm unable to find any mod doing that. All mods I was able to find are using the overlay which is not part of the 3D scene. So can you please provide a link or a name of a mod you are referring to?

The mirror was only initial idea because it is part of the 3D scene.

Mike Pedersen (bul0w) 09.09.2020 16:44
i know what mod your looking for.. want that also so are trying to convert one but its hard :D

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