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Linking animatedObjects.xml to doors in placeables

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Created30.08.2020 07:20

Kippari 2 (kippari) 30.08.2020 07:20
I have been making a map and as most of the assets now, they have animated doors wich is cool. Anyway I know that the door has to be linked with the animation wich i pasted into the animObects.xml, but i have no idea how to link it.
NOTE: Please explain in beginner language, it's much appreceated.

~Kipp (as other people call me)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 30.08.2020 18:24
Not sure what you mean? In the topic title you're talking about "placeables", in the post it looks like you are referring to map objects.

For objects in the map.i3d your transform group must have the user attributes:
- (script callback) onCreate: AnimatedMapObject.onCreate
- (string) xmlFilename: the xml file, usual name is "animatedMapObjects.xml"
- (string) index: a label which refers to xml <animatedObject index=".."
Take an example map like "Minibrunn" to get an idea how to setup the i3d and xml. The map is available on Giants' ModHub. You'll find the animated objects in the i3d transform group Minibrunn/locations/animatedMapObjects.

For placeable (buyable) objects you don't need extra user attributes. The xml code <animatedObjects> is embedded directly in the placeable.xml. See for reference the default animal husbandries (in $data/placeables/animalHusbandry). Most of them have animated elements.

Kippari 2 (kippari) 31.08.2020 05:57
I apologise for the misleading title. My english skills aren't on the best level. Thank you tho i will try that today.

Kippari 2 (kippari) 31.08.2020 16:22
Seems like is have no idea and im even more confused. I made the following steps and im now unsure if I had to do something before i linked the xml, index and made the onCreate. I watched a bunch of tutorials and they didn't bring anything new to light.

Kippari 2 (kippari) 03.09.2020 14:55
I think im close to the solution. i noticed that the xml was in wrong directory but moving it didn't help. could it be that i have left the placeables in the i3d file?

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