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Created08.09.2020 06:13

Will Hansen (foofarmer) 08.09.2020 06:13

I see the Barrier.onCreate attribute being used in successfully on FS19 maps, but it does not seem to work as a standalone placeable. From what I can gather on maps that use it, there is nothing required in the XML to make it functional... It seems that the attribute in the i3d is all that is needed. Is that correct?

Is it possible to use this attribute successfully with a standalone mod? If more is required, any additional information would be welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you!

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 08.09.2020 14:38
Barrier.onCreate attribute is an onCreate function and as such will only work in the base map, onCreate functions will not work in a placeable or mod The only ones I am aware of that do are part of the seasons mod which uses custom scripts.

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