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Created11.09.2020 00:28

Tyson Mccrary (TM1999) 11.09.2020 00:28
This file is under the Farming Simulator 19\data\maps\textures\terrain\ground folder and I can tell it must be the texture that is used as the chopped straw from a combine on the soil when you harvest. I cannot open it, will the Texture Assemble be updated to include this file? It seems to act similar to those so I was wondering if its a similar style texture to the ones used for the ground. Since chopped straw mod is no longer around I would like to edit this to bring a bit extra realism to the game with better looking chaff on the ground.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.09.2020 04:44
The files in this folder are usual DDS files. You can open it with any image viewer or editor which can handle DDS.

WARNING: don't change files in game install folder. This will disable multiplayer ability. And certainly your changes are lost after a game update.

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