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Created11.09.2020 20:14

Mark Conlon (Fattybb) 11.09.2020 20:14
hi i have absolutely zero coding skills so need some help here.
my laptop is unable to run editor 8.2 as my gpu is not able to handle glsl 4.5 so i am only able to mod using the debugger or note++.
I've managed to do some basic mods ie increase capacity whilst not increasing weight,increase in unload speeds and reducing costs for buy grain etc and then minor other things like price reduction for vehicles.
what i want to do is add some wheels to a tracked combine that has no wheel options so is any of you able to help me figure out how i can do that please.
oh and by the way im an old useless fat knacker that isnt fully tech savvy so please try not to use loads of jargon .haha

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.09.2020 21:04
At first look here into the video tutorials to get the basics.
There's also a special chapter concerning wheels. Though created for FS17 it's still valid.
You'll find also other guides around the web as texts or videos (eg. on YouTube). Ask Google.

Mark Conlon (Fattybb) 13.09.2020 14:22
Thanks I didn't think to look at fs17. Ive tried to use the tutorials here for fs19 but as I can't get the editor to work I can't do it the way they show.
I'll have to see if fs17 mods give me more ideas of how to do it with only the debugger

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.09.2020 15:12
You need the editor only for creating/changing the i3d structure.
The wheels are since FS17 'post-loaded' from external xml files. All you need is basic knowledge about XML. See default vehicles to learn about XML <wheelConfigurations>.
You'll get lots of examples and guides by googling for "fs19 wheelConfiguration".

Mark Conlon (Fattybb) 15.09.2020 18:51
Thanks been giving it a go and so far I can buy the tyres but they do t show up on the vehicle the front end just floats. I've got to reread all I have done and see where u slipped up. As I said i have absolutely 0 experience with coding so i might struggle for a bit but thanks to the pointers I should get there

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