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Placeable mod not showing in game but no errors

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Created15.09.2020 19:15

Unknown 15.09.2020 19:15

I am a fresh noob trying my hand at making mods and like to think i have missed something really basic but i cant seem to solve the issue.

I am making a mod for a placeable, but in game it shows in the store and you can buy it and sell it, but it doesn't show the placeable during trying to place it or after.

i recieve no errors in the log file and opens fine in the editor with all textures with no errors.

if anyone could spare two mins to see where i have gone wrong i have uploaded the file.

thanks in advance. :)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.09.2020 19:52
The main shape should be directly in the root TG (in first place). You have it as sub-TG in "transform".
Cut and paste it into the root TG. Afterwards delete the empty TG.
Make sure the shape is on top. If necessary rightclick -> Move Up the TG.

Unknown 15.09.2020 20:20
Thanks for your fast reply

yes that solved it thanks, that was driving me nuts. once again cheers

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