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disable moving tool on detach

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Created16.09.2020 01:36

Joe Miller (jm44807) 16.09.2020 01:36
is there a way to disable or limit degrees of rotation of a movingtool when detached?

i have a modded wagon that an auger attaches to i use movingtool section with axis crane arm command to move up/down and another for sideways when connected. when i detach i make a running gear visible like a normal auger but i dont want the side to side movement and/or limit the degrees of movement.

i look at lua section but the nearest i found was "vehicle.attachable#allowFoldingWhileAttached" but i dont use folding and its backwards i need allow Folding While "detached" = false.

another close one would be inputAttacherJointIndices but one for movingtool.

is there a way without writing a script.


Joe Miller (jm44807) 17.09.2020 14:37
i tried using collision to stop it from rotating side to side but it does not stop it. im using static ,compound child, col mask 2002. are there different settings that may work?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.09.2020 15:39
You'll find moving parts/tools XML attributes in

See the functions loadMovingPartFromXML() and loadMovingToolFromXML(). There you see all available attributes. For your concern might be interesting the attributes #attach/detach.. RotMax/Min

Joe Miller (jm44807) 18.09.2020 01:47
thanks bilbo unfortunately it didnt work or i did it wrong. it seemed like what i needed.
i tried it without rotmax and rotmin still didnt work. also tried syncmaxrotlimits but didnt help.

<rotation rotSpeed="98" rotAcceleration="85" rotMax="59" rotMin="0" attachRotMax="10" attachRotMin="0" syncMaxRotLimits="true" syncMinRotLimits="true" rotationAxis="1"/>

have not had any luck using collisions to stop rotation they just pass thru each other but seem to work when i walk against them.


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