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Created17.09.2020 19:51

Rick Gudlove (phantom309) 17.09.2020 19:51
I'm trying to make a simple change to a map that I downloaded. I'm editing the start point and would like to change a couple of fields from soybeans to grass. I played around with the GE and was able to paint over the field texture with grass and added grass foilage. Everyhting looked great but when it was loaded in game the field was back to being soybeans. I tried deleting the field and while that got rid of the soybeans the grass that replaced it was not harvestable. Tried running ground collision script before saving and deleting cache files before loading in game. It seemed at first to be a simple edit but at this point I'm stumped.

M_k Mcd4 (MKMcD) 17.09.2020 20:31
In the field transform group, add the boolean attribute fieldGrassMission and check it on.
The field will start with grass planted.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.09.2020 20:35
You cannot simply paint over existing foliage. Before you paint another foliage you must remove the old one completely since different foliages use different channels.

Rick Gudlove (phantom309) 18.09.2020 05:09
Thanks fellas. Adding the boolean attribute worked. I also tried erasing the foilage layer using rmb. It looked fine in the editor but when loaded into the game it just went back to the original crop. I watched a video on Youtube where they did the exact same thing and it worked, maybe I missed something.

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