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maxSlope maxEdgeAngle information

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Created19.09.2020 18:07

Unknown 19.09.2020 18:07
i am very new to this and learning as i go, but cant seem to find much info regarding maxSlope maxSmoothDistance and maxEdgeAngle.

<leveling requireLeveling="true" maxSmoothDistance="1" maxSlope="0" maxEdgeAngle="0" >

this might be the dumbest question but when are they used and what does it do?

sorry and thank you :)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.09.2020 18:48
These are definitions for the terrain adaption before the object is built. If the terrain is not suitable for these requirements, the object can't be placed.
Imagine what "smooth", "slope", "edge angle" means and you know what it does.

Unknown 20.09.2020 10:35
Thanks Bilbo :)

i had a issue with my mod placement and knew it had something to do with this. i tried all diffrent values but now you have explained its all working.

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