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Trees and my inability to cut them

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Created20.09.2020 00:48

Giants Nunya (Unknown) 20.09.2020 00:48
tldr: cannot cut trees I created, requesting help with establishing correct split type values and/or registering new values

Full disclosure, I'm relatively new to modding in general but have spent a lot of time reading the resources on this site along with watching several modding videos (ShyWizard is a beast!) Unfortunately, there is one issue I cannot seem to overcome. Creating a custom tree.

I've created a new map mod derived from my home town and for the most part it works very well. I've imported some of the existing in-game assets into the mod and they all behave beautifully. Unfortunately, the in-game tree species selection is relatively small, which prompted me to create my own tree model.

I used Blender v2.83 with the sapling addon to generate the tree/leaves, applied the appropriate diffuse/normal textures, then exported the i3d. When imported into GE (v 8.2), everything looked great. I had to tweak a few settings (smoothness, collision map, LOD, shaders, etc.). I then exported the final version and imported it into my new map. The tree is beautiful, but I cannot use any in-game means to cut that tree down (chainsaw, tree harvesting equipment, or even my flashlight). I verified all attributes for my tree mirrored the values for the in-game trees (collision map, rigid body settings, etc.)

I used my google fu and scoured these forums for a solution, and while there don't appear to be any "instructables", I keep seeing references to a mythical "split type" attribute or "registering a new split type". However, there does not appear to be any location within GE to actually specify values for this attribute. Unless seeing it requires membership as part of the clandestine Order of the Giants Modders, there does not seem to be a way to set it via the GUI. I reviewed the i3d settings via N++ between my tree and the in-game trees and copied/pasted them from the maple tree. This appears to do absolutely nothing.

Ultimately, I have exhausted all means I can think of for cutting this tree down. When the chainsaw failed, I ran into it full speed in my tractor, yelled at it, and even made several rude gestures. All to absolutely no effect. Given this monumental failure, I have three questions.

1. Why would an attribute that seems to be critical for "normal" functionality not be available for definition within Giants Editor? (maybe I'm just blind?)
2. How in the name of all that is holy is a person to properly set these values so they can cut down their custom trees with reckless abandon?
3. Assuming I'm unable to just use an existing split type value, how does one go about "registering a new split type"?

Bonus Question: How do I join the Order of the Giants Modders? Is there a raffle? Maybe I need to harvest a golden egg from an in-game chicken? Play the game for 100k hours?

I'm hoping some illustrious golden soul can uplift me from the realm of ignorance and get me on the path to farming my own custom map. Thank you in advance!

William Watkins (Watkins) 29.09.2020 10:12
No love, huh. I'd like to understand these splits a bit better myself. Until my mind digests all this lua I've been sampling from various mods and I conjure that logical leap to begin spontaneously creating the functions to get me the information via the debugger or what not; I too am stuck here re-reading posts of the honorable but mercurial bilbo destroy/illuminate other neophyte modders.

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