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trying to add another attachment node

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Created09.10.2020 02:02

Seth Mass (Unknown) 09.10.2020 02:02
everyone is making these heavy duty trucks but are only putting jointType="trailer" and not the low trailer type too for almost every other trailer in the game. including chippers and modded flat bed trailers. for what ever reason i CANNOT get the trailerlow to work in the xml files

Mantrid  (mantrid) 14.10.2020 07:39
Take a look at $data\vehicles\man\tgs18500\tgs18500.xml to see how it's done. It's essentially just the same thing, using trailerLow as the attachment type. You'll probably need to add a separate node in the i3d (just ctrl-D the existing one to duplicate it, if you want it in the same spot), add the mapping (or just use the raw node) in the trailerLow version and you should be good :)

If you have a specific problem or error, be sure to mention it :)

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