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Created09.10.2020 05:32

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 09.10.2020 05:32
Hi guy`s. Why is this happens. when I edit the terrain in a map in giants editor it goes well. But in game it`s not showing. Do I do something wrong ? And yes I do save the map :)

Thank you for any tips.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.10.2020 18:03
If you edit the map within GE, certain properties are only effective in a new game/career.
For an existing savegame you must copy various files from map folder into the savegame folder, depending on kind of changes you made.

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 09.10.2020 18:18
That`s the funny part. I did start new savegame, several times. I also tried with a old savegame, I copyed the terrain.lod.type.cache file from the map i edit. I copyed to the existing and the new savegame. Still the same. I can`t see it in game. I just testing so I raized the ground a little in sculp mode on a gras field.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.10.2020 18:32
Make sure, you don't have the map twice in mod folder, zipped AND unzipped.

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 09.10.2020 19:03
Yes it`s only the map zipped. the only thing. i just overwrite the old one. I don`t do the map edits in the mod folder

M_k Mcd4 (MKMcD) 09.10.2020 21:06
Delete the cache files from the savegame, don't copy them, but wait until after you've started FS but before you load a map otherwise they might be restored from a backup.
If you change the terrain height, you will need to copy and rename the heightmap file.
If you add growing grass/other fruit or change a field, you will need to update the cultivator and fruit density files. This will reset your fields though.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.10.2020 23:09
You said the map is zipped?
For editing with GE the map MUST be unzipped.
Remember to delete or move the zip after extracting.

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 10.10.2020 02:20
Bilbo : I ment: I extracted the zip file before I went into GE, and then zipped it again when I was done. But I also found out that you can have the map folder in mods folder (not the zip file but only the folder) it was much easier to work that way.

M_K Mcd4: oay, thank you, just what I was needed. I will try that right away.

A nother thing I found out whas like this.....: I edit my map (just some sculping) saved it and whent into the game, started a new savegame, whent in and saved it. The sculping was showing in game this time but it was a new savegame and I wantet my old gamesave. I quit the game. I then copyed the terrain.heightmap.png from my new savegame and past it into my old savegame. Staret the game and loaded my old savegame, and gues what, it worked, but it looked like hell LOL. but a nice test tho :) Everytime I do some changes on the terrain I need to start a new savegame and copy the file over again. I will try your way now. I could not find the terrain.hightmap.png file in the map folder, You say rename it but what file should I rename ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.10.2020 04:06
The "terrain.heightmap.png" is 'usually' in the subfolder "maps/mapXX/.." - however maybe elsewhere.
To get the concrete filename and path search in i3d <TerrainTransformGroup name="terrain" .. heightMapId=".." - this is the fileId=".." in <Files> where you get the exact filename.

In the savegame it is always "terrain.heightmap.png"

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 10.10.2020 13:59
Thank you Bilbo. I did a search in the i3d file and found that heightMapId=".." was 1 I then search fileId="1" and found this file mapDE_dem.png.

Shall I rename this file mapDE_dem.png to terrain.heightmap.png ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.10.2020 17:48
Keep the filenames in original map as they are. Else you must edit also a couple of other entries.
You must only heed for future to rename the copied "mapDE_dem.png" to "terrain.heightmap.png" in the savegame. And vice versa.

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 10.10.2020 21:19
i just copied the map file over to another folder and renamed it to terrain,hightmap.png and it worked nicely :) Save me a lot`s of work this way..

I want to paint in a road on my field and have some gravel on it. is there any files for this that I need to copy over ?

M_K Mcd4 mention cultivator and fruit density files. have these files also something to do with gravel on fields and stuff ?

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 10.10.2020 21:37

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 10.10.2020 21:38

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 11.10.2020 02:53
Now I`m about to give up on this map, terrain editing on this map is hopeless. The problem is when Im trying to flatten a area that is not on any field. I have a field that I plowing on, it`s almost on the other side of the map, fare away from where I sculping, it`s raises up when I`m sculping on the other side. in the GE everything seems fine. I save and. copy the files over to my save folder and start it up. in game my sculping is ok but my plowing field has bean raised up. I even try a new savgame but it does not help. no matter what Im doing with sculping it`s affects other fields..

I would say this that. i have the map unzipped in my mods folder when I`m work on it. could that be a problem ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.10.2020 03:55
For test disable OneDrive (or any similar cloud storage) and try again.
OneDrive can cause trouble with FS and GE related files.

Also some anti-malware software can lead to problems. Disable these temporarily.

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 11.10.2020 05:38
I got it now Bilbo finaly. it`s all working fine. Thank you again for your tip Bilbo, I will keep that in mind.

Now it`s only one thing left to do, it`s painting down the gravel and road paint. in GE it all working fine but in game I can`t see it. Do you know what files I need to copy from the map and into the gamesave ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.10.2020 21:11
Copy the *.lod.type.cache and *.nmap.cache and rename accordingly.

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 12.10.2020 01:52
Thank you so much Bilbo. One last question. I have imported some trees into my map, but I can`t see them in game. Do you know what file I need to copy over to gamesave ?

I have also imorted some stones and some other stuf and those I can see in game, But not those trees import.

Thank you.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.10.2020 18:59
Pure decoration trees should appear also in the running game.
But if the trees are harvestable, they are handled as 'splitShapes', referenced in savegame as "splitShapes.gmss". Simply delete this file after editing trees. Notice: you will lose already harvested wood.

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