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Problems with adding textures to GIANTS Editor

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Created17.10.2020 16:58

Stanislav Gasankadiev (Unknown) 17.10.2020 16:58
This is my first mod. I modeled tractor in 3d max, Painted it in Substance Painter, exporting diffuse, roughness, AO and dirt textures, created
But in GIANTS Editor I can't set the basic color of the tractor. Perhaps my problem will seem simple, but I reviewed a lot of video tutorials and doing the same thing still does not get the expected result.
Please help and suggest what I am doing wrong.
What I do (on example of body tractor):
1. Import FBX to GE 8.2.0
2. Adding to Gloss Map in Material Editing
3. Adding vehicleShader.xml from .../Steam/steamapps/common/Farming Simulator 19/data/shaders/ (the model has become a metallic color with dirt)
4. Change to colorMask (here I can only change two parameters (in RDT - the first removes the metallic color, the second removes the dirt and dirtColor) other parameters are available, but nothing happens.

How do I set the base color of the tractor from diffuse texture?
I've already tried everything ...

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.10.2020 18:22
You will find several guides by googling for "fs19 udim textures colorMask".

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