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Created19.10.2020 05:43

Lloyd O Boyette (LBoy3tt3) 19.10.2020 05:43
Good evening all.

I've been away for a few months and was sitting here looking for a Blender Exporter to FS19. (.blend to .i3d) I apologize if this has already been covered. I was working on a project and wanted to throw in game really quick.

Thanks for the help.

M_k Mcd4 (MKMcD) 20.10.2020 01:05
Right there under Latest Downloads. ->

Mantrid  (mantrid) 20.10.2020 07:57
That's the non-Giants version, although the Giants version also works with Blender 2.9
I've been using the linked one for about a month and it works great. It even got UDIM selection that works better than the stand-alone addon :)

Lloyd O Boyette (LBoy3tt3) 20.10.2020 17:11
Thanks Russel. I'm blowing away the computer today but will give that a try as soon as I am back up and running. It's winter cleaning time.... can you read the enthusiasm? LOL. I normally only really do this but once a year, but.....

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