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Straw swath issue fs19

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Created23.10.2020 14:21

Pujol Ghislain (Ghislain) 23.10.2020 14:21
I created a map and on some fields when I combine the straw disappear partially. It s not in all the field but just locally.
On ge there is no white area in the tipcol, and and generated a new ground collision.
Can you help me to solve this issue please

Noah Gransee (Radskoolie553) 23.10.2020 17:12
The crop density may be lower than normal, which would lower the amount of straw swath a field would produce. There is a crop density variable in the game files. Try increasing it

Pujol Ghislain (Ghislain) 23.10.2020 23:33
Thanks a lot for the answer; but how do you increase it? In the i3d file or is it in an xml??

Noah Gransee (Radskoolie553) 06.11.2020 23:30
Sorry, I haven't been in the forums in a while. It is one of the attributes in the top of the farm.xml file. You have to go into the specific savegame in order to view your map.

Noah Gransee (Radskoolie553) 10.12.2020 15:49
Has it worked?

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