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Created25.10.2020 00:41

Jarrett Kerr (JerryK9) 25.10.2020 00:41

I am trying to create a large field map for myself using "No mans land" as a starting point, the problem i am having is when trying to smooth terrain i end up with a rice paddy effect ( because of the size limit of the brush (20) and having to build out multiple layers with the raise/lower, and then attempt to smooth them together.

Is there a way to increase the maximum brush size to say 50 or 100 and potentially even up the strength to quickly smooth large areas?

Thanks in advance.

PS, bonus question, there is one tiny spot in the middle of this map i cannot edit, i did try wireframe to check for objects/stumps/etc but dont see anything, any suggestions?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.10.2020 06:21
You can enter the brush size directly in "Radius".

Sometimes mappers hide objects under the surface. Navigate below the map.

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