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The implement disappears in id3

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Created25.10.2020 20:02

CBFS19 25.10.2020 20:02
Hello. I was trying to increase the working width in the id3 file but when I increase the working width and save the id3 back to the mod folder the implement disappears. All it shows in the purchase menu in the game is a bunch of tires floating. All the iron is gone. I was trying to increase the working width on an air seeder unit. Please help.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.10.2020 02:23
Then you did somethng wrong.
You must edit/shift the "workArea" transforms. Usually 'workAreaWidth' and 'workAreaHeight' determine right and left limit.
Some tools may have more than one workArea.

After editing these, you should adapt also the "aiMarkers" accordingly to make the tool helper compatible.

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