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Fruit density editing (PNG)

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Created26.10.2020 18:51

Janos Bernardo (Unknown) 26.10.2020 18:51
Hi! im triing to edit fruit_density file but im unable to fing what i am supposted to edit in that file. I allready found how to open the gdm files, but i dont know if im supposted to edit colour of the fields inside the png file. Im trying to set them in the final stage of growth ( ready for harvest)

Thank you for any possible help
and sorry for my chaotic english.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.10.2020 02:13
Editing a fruit_density or cultivator_density file is a little tricky, since you must set the exact bits in the color for painting. These bits may differ depending on map. Search for "densityMaps". This is included in the FS DVD version in folder "sdk", but also posted in web.

When painting you must go sure, the program is in pure raw mode. By default the paint programs often use optimizations like smoothing, color fading etc.
You must also save the PNG file with certain properties, else it isn't acknowledged.

All in all it's much easier to use the Giants editor or ingame tools like "Easy Development Controls".

Janos Bernardo (Unknown) 28.10.2020 17:10
I cant use EDC because i have custom fields on my map, thats why im triing to find another way,, il try to search something about editing in giants editor, i read about it, but most of my research leads to nothing.

Thanks for help m8 :)

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