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Created02.11.2020 18:44

Wieser Thomas (Unknown) 02.11.2020 18:44
wo bekomme ich die ModMap.i3d zum Download?

Gert-jan Broekhuizen (GJGAMES) 07.11.2020 12:11
Ich weist nicht. aber ich hatte das felsbrunn map loaded in die editor und geexportiert zu meine modmap.Und heute kann ich das map editen. nicht das original. meine deutsch ist nicht so gut aber ich gelaube das sie mich verstehen kann.

Joe Munzer (pine2) 17.11.2020 17:10
yeah, can't find modMap.i3d either.. any links for it? ...or can I build my own flatmap from scratch?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.11.2020 01:31
*sigh* There is no "modMap.i3d" to download anymore. That was in earlier FS versions.

Now you get the ModMap by the Giants editor. Load a game default map.i3d into GE and do File -> New Mod from Game. This will create all necessary files. You need only some minor edits in the modDesc.
With this generated modMap you can play around.

For making a modMap from scratch you need enhanced experience to create all necessary files. Much easier is using an empty map template available often in web. Read the user comments about usability.

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