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I have some questions about making a custom map.

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Created07.11.2020 12:51

Gert-jan Broekhuizen (GJGAMES) 07.11.2020 12:51

So i want to make my own map and did some research on google on how to make one.
Now i have come across 2 usefull sites and got some great info from there.
Afther looking trough the sites and started making one map myself i got some questions which i couldnt find the answer of on google.

So I opened GE and loaded felsbrunn i exported it with all files and then it asked me if i want to keep the parent directory and if i want to keep the relative paths. i answered both with NO. But was that a good thing or should i have answered YES. In de videos ive watch these questions didnt show up.

To come to the point what do both mean exactly and have i done it correctly?
Also if you people know some very well tutorials please let me know where i can find these.

Thanks/bedankt/danke schöne/spassiba

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 08.11.2020 01:12
In general answer the queries
- use parent directory: NO
- use game relative paths: YES
All other is for special developer use only, eg. if you have custom FS installations on different drives.

Gert-jan Broekhuizen (GJGAMES) 08.11.2020 23:53
okay thanks

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