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ID's for painting with spline? (detail layer ID)

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Created13.11.2020 23:15

Gert-jan Broekhuizen (GJGAMES) 13.11.2020 23:15

Im curently making a forest map and im looking to make a donut like oval (open in the middle).
No i recently learned how to use the splines an i see that there is a script to paint the terrain by spline.

Now my problem is dat you need to put in the ID of the desired ground. So yeah where can i find the ID's of eacht ground?
I have searched all files from the editor and the DATA but no xml file shows me like |RoughGrass_01 == id 35| or something like that.

Iknow that blackpanther group has it on there page but then i have to become a member and i dont think im good enough for that.
Also i noticed that their are very few video's about the spline thing. i did find 1 but it was german and i could half follow it.

Kind regards,

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 14.11.2020 15:33
Try this

Gert-jan Broekhuizen (GJGAMES) 14.11.2020 15:42
thanks I see they have a lot of usefull info. also about other things like vehicles

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