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How can i add new missions?

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Created23.11.2020 11:58

Emincan YaĞiz (Emincan) 23.11.2020 11:58
Hello, how can i add new missions to ravenport map or how can i edit equipments of missions? And where is the $dataS folder? not $data folder. (Thanks in advance for the answers)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.11.2020 13:16
Examine the map.xml <transportMissions filename=".." />, in the Ravenport map "mapUS_transportMissions.xml".
There you can add new jobs easily. Be sure to edit modmap files only, not the original.
You may change transport objects by using others from $data/objects/pallets/missions/..

You can also add new pickup/dropoff triggers in the map.i3d. From group "transportMissions" copy/duplicate a trigger and position it. Pay attention to rename the index in user attributes. It must be unique.

Emincan YaĞiz (Emincan) 23.11.2020 13:35
Thanks. By the way Do you know where the $dataS folder is? for example "$dataS/missionVehicles.xml"

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.11.2020 16:27
The expression "$data.." points always to the FS install folder. Where $data is the subfolder "data", $dataS and $dataS2 are the compressed archives dataS.gar and dataS2.gar. These have a Giants proprietary format.

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