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Creating Terrain from Google Earth

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Created24.11.2020 19:21

Hardie Walker (Unknown) 24.11.2020 19:21
Im trying to create a map of a certain area and i am struggling to figure out how to create the files so that i can import it into the giants editor I've tried following tutorials but they never work can anybody help me getting started on making this map.

Wolfy The Wolf (wolfythewolf) 30.11.2020 09:18
this tutorial by Shywizard worked for me

Hardie Walker (Unknown) 01.12.2020 20:52
I've tried that and MicroDEM doesn't have the export to google earth option for me

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 01.12.2020 22:36
Try this one then

Also are you saving the image in microdem by "File – Save map as image – Quick map Export to Google Earth"

Failing that just use the ruler tool in Google Earth to create a 2.1km square at your preferred location, then drag and drop the relevant Geo.tiff (srtm) file into google earth (you will need to reselect your square to make it visiblle) then zoom into the area you have marked and save the image.
Open the image in an image editor, crop to the size of the inside of the square, resize to 1024 x 1024 and save as mapXX.dem.png, place in your mapxx folder and open map in GE. You should now see your terrain, it will require smoothing to get rid of the ridges.

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