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Global Company Crashes My FS19 Game

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Created27.11.2020 06:35

Gabe Dell (Unknown) 27.11.2020 06:35
When I install Global Company Mod into my Mod Folder the game will load but when I click start to play the game it won't play, it acts like it wants to play but just goes right back to where it says Start. When I take the mod out of the game the game loads and works like a charm. Why won't the game start with Global Company?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.11.2020 09:27
I have often read that some other mods are incompatible with GC and can cause conflicts upto crashes.
Go sure you have the game and GC mod on latest version. Then test the GC mod alone (take out all other mods).
For further questions to GC mod please use the GC forum (

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 27.11.2020 09:28
have you tried testing out the mod with ONLY that mod installed in your mods folder?

if you are running that mod and ONLY that mod and it crashes your game when you try to load into a map with it, then it is a problem with the mod and you need to contact the mod developer.

if you have other mods installed alongside the one you're trying to use and it crashes your game, but runs fine with the other mods without global company, then its an incompatibility between one or more mods and global company. you need to do independent testing to figure out what mod is causing it to crash by putting them in one at a time with global company to see which ones aren't compatible, then pick between whichever mods are more valuable to you.

there are so many unknown variables with "why wont the game start with (mod)". you need to do testing first.

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