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Created27.11.2020 15:09

Steven Farmer (stev11113) 27.11.2020 15:09
can someone tell me the proper way to download a map from giants editor to sf19 please and how to load a map to giants .this is what i have been doing I start up giants I go to mods and pick a empty mod map when the map comes up I hit export with all files then it comes up with the map saying save i hit yes ,i hit no to the first question and yes to the second i then save as i down load a mod on to my map and hit save as i then come out of giants and go to the folder and zip up all of the folder and I put it in to my mods I then go on to fs19 to the map it comes up but the mod I put on the map is all white with no texture so can someone tell what IM doing wrong please it would be much appreciated

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.11.2020 17:44
Sorry to say, but if you put so little effort into writing, hardly anyone will bother to read and answer.
I've tried to read your post already in editor forum, but I gave up.
Use punctuation marks and paragraphs to make reading easier. Describe the problem in an understandable way and not so confusing and mazy.

Important: always check the log files of the editor and the game for error messages first.
With the help of the error messages and hints you can quickly solve most problems yourself.

Steven Farmer (stev11113) 28.11.2020 00:44
sorry about the way I write, I had a stroke a year a go and I am trying my best, thanks anyway.

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